What is FOFL, anyway?

Former Onanists for Life is a group of very dedicated Abstaining Soldiers™ who have faced temptation and discarded sin. FOFL as a group eschews such soft-line conservative Christianity as espoused by, for instance, Operation Rescue and takes the Christ-Centered Principles of Life™ to their logical extreme.

Wait a minute — logic?

Yes. Though of course when it contradicts either the Bible or our Good Sense we must obviously accept the limitations of logic, for the purposes of recruitment, awareness, and lobbying, rational thought can be a very useful tool. We will not eschew any tool God gives us when it is obvious (to us) it is in line with His Will.

What are the Christ-Centered Principles of Life™?

They are three-fold:

  1. Every living cell is one of God's Loving Children™.
  2. The wanton destruction of any cell is a violation of Biblical injunctions against murder and infanticide.
  3. As the Province of God™, all of life should be given over to his care alone.

All of us here at FOFL arrived at the Truth of the Christ-Centered Principles of Life™ only after a period of sin and suffering. We did not treat life with the respect the Ultimate Gift of God™ deserves. In particular — and here we try very hard to heed Isaiah 54:4, "Thou shalt forget the shame of thy youth" — many of us were onanists. We spilled our seed wantonly without regard for the hundreds of millions of miracles slaughtered by those hedonistic acts.

The severity of Onanism is described very explicitly in scripture: "And the thing which he [Onan] did displeased the LORD: wherefore he slew him also." (Genesis 38:11) At least in the Old Testament days, the wages of licentious, neglectful destruction of one's seed was the same he had paid his defenseless spermatozoa in the first place!